Window Cleaning


Using reach and wash

This method of window cleaning utilises a 5 stage water treatment system and a water fed pole to deliver 100% pure water to the window.

The water treatment system consists of a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure, laboratory grade water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemical and minerals it comes across. When used for window cleaning, provided the correct technique has been used, the final rinse water drys to a perfect finish. In fact the window isn't just clean, its left totally sterile. As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is enviromentally friendly. Old fashioned window cleaning leaves behind sticky soap residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the window, while windows cleaned with the reach and wash system, actually stay cleaner for longer!

Gutter Cleaning/Repair


When thinking about how to avoid gutter repairs, it's important to remember one simple fact: clean gutters are far less susceptible to damage than blocked gutters. In fact, the two most common gutter related issues facing homeowners are blockages in the gutter itself, and blockages in the downpipes. These blockages are often caused by debris like fallen leaves, moss, and (in some unfortunate cases) dead animals. One simple way to tell if you're in need of gutter repairs is to take a step outside while it's raining - if water is running down the side of your house, it's likely that your gutters are blocked.

Leaking gutter joints are another common problem: in fact, leaking gutters are the most common cause of isolated damp in homes across the UK. Leaks can occur when bits of debris get caught in the joints, or simply from general wear and tear. If you’re experiencing damp in your property, it’s a good idea to check your gutters before you do anything else to see if that’s what’s causing the problem.

Upvc Cleaning


Moss, Algae, & Dirt will soon build up on the surface of your Upvc, This causes the discolouration that you see on your Upvc units like your Upvc Doors, Window Frames, Conservatory's, plus Window Sills alike.
We advise that you should have the Upvc cleaned at least once a year, This is to reduce the chance of it staining if it's left the dirt soon becomes ingrained and becomes much more difficult to clean.
Left for too long the Upvc could become permanently damaged by but If properly maintained your Upvc windows and doors, gutters, drain pipes, fascias, soffits and conservatories & conservatory roofs as well can last for many years, plus your home will look amazing all of the time.

Pressure Washing


Driveway cleaning block paving or imprinted concrete we are equipped to clean your driveway and make it look fresh again. your driveway will provide an instant face-lift to your property.


Patio cleaning is also a very popular service that we can provide. Patios can get dirty easy but using the same tried and tested technique we use on driveways we can restore them back to their former glory clearing away grime and slippery surfaces than can cause a hazard.


Having your block paving driveway sealed after pressure washing can offer an extra layer of protection against moss, weeds and oil. Sealing it will help keep it looking better for longer.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning


Having invested your hard earned money in your conservatory you will require the best conservatory roof cleaning. Here at Dim2Dazzling Window Cleaning services we can provide that service, we take care and pride in our work so you can continue to use your conservatory as it was intended. Using our specialised cleaning equipment and our experienced knowledge we can help restore your conservatory roof to it’s former glory. Roofs can build up dirt, grime, mould and algae and cause an unsightly appearance. Packages Conservatory roof clean : Includes all glass or polycarbonate panels, all roof panels and centre bars, outer edges.

Roof Moss Removal

And Bleaching

The British climate is a perfect breeding and feeding ground for moss, algae and fungi. The northern face of any roof is a potential breeding ground for all types of spores that can lead to the growth of moss, algae and fungi. If left untreated you may be left with an unsightly roof but also potentially more serious problems.

The benefits of roof cleaning include:

Improving the look of your home thereby adding value and 

Protecting and extending the life of your roof.

Gutter cleaning is included as part of your roof clean. We will remove any blockages and ensure that your guttering is working as it should.

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